• First Place Award of the city of Saint Tropez in the sculpture category, St. Tropez, France, 2011
  • First Place Award of the Rotary of St. Cyr sur Mer, La Cardière d’Azur, Le Beausset and Le Castellet, France, 2012
  • Publique Award in artistic competition, Espace d’Art Christie, Soiron, Belgium, 2012
  • Second Place Award in the sculpture category for ‘African Antelope’, in the 26th international art competition, Libr’Art, Libramont, Belgium, 2013
  • Award for Originality in the 5th Christie’s Art Competition, Soiron, Belgium, 2014 
  • Second Place Award for the sculpture of Elephants, ‘Big Love’, of the 27th Salon International d’Art, Libr’Art, Libramont, Belgium, 2014 


  • Member of the Arts et Vies Sauvages Association, Belgium
  • Cercle des Artistes Européens, Belgium
  • Member of The Low Countries Sculpture Society, Brussels, Belgium
  • Member of the Societé National des Artistes Animaliers, France

Permanent Expositions

  • Galeria BELLOTTO, Krakowskie Przedmieście 79, Warszawa, tel:+48 22 826 85 92
  • Galeria CECHMANOWICZ, Paderewskiego 7, Poznań, tel: +48 61 855 10 58
  • Galeria ATTIS, Ryszard Lachman. ul. Starowiślna 14, Kraków, tel: +48 12 421 81 90
  • Galeria POD MAKIEM, Krupówki 29, Zakopane, tel: +48 18 201 20 44
  • Galeria PIEKNE RZECZY, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 39, Warszawa, tel: +48 531 810 750
  • Galeria TRIADA, ul. Piwna 11/12, Gdansk, tel:+48 58 320 26 55



As unpredictable as life is, sculpture has changed Iwona’s life filling it with passion and delight. One summer evening in 2007, her 9 year old son, Patric, asked to join him in molding a piece of clay. While Patric abandoned the activity after a short time, his mom couldn’t take her hands off the clay. Something that started as simple play, soon turned into a passion…

Encouraged by her friends, Iwona soon enrolled at the L’Ecole des Arts in Braine l’Alleud in Belgium. There, thanks to the Academy’s director, Daniel Palletti, she was placed in the class of sculpture where under the eye of Professors Yves Marien and Philippe Desomberg she discovered the ability of clay and the basics of sculpting. Since 2009, she has been actively participating in various expositions.

Iwona, was born in Poland and has lived around the world in places like Paris, Lausanne, Singapore and the United States, spending last 9 years in her adopted country of Belgium. It was while living in Belgium and travelling to Italy, that she had the opportunity to admire the master pieces of the greatest artists which shaped her taste for the classical arts.

Quickly she learned how to meticulously capture features and resemblance in portrait sculptures and the emotions in the classical sculptures of hands which she includes in many of her half abstract /half classic musical works. With time, the line of her sculptures has become more modern, with clear lines and curves. Perfect finish gives the sculptures the allure and the elegance. Also the theme of the work has spread to animal sculptures, for which the artist has already received some awards during international expositions. Iwona believes, that while her musical and portrait sculpture are about the emotions, animal sculptures are about a form itself. A modern form, simplified, sharp and rigid at times, curvy and conveyed at other, is able to bring up from the cubic perspective beautiful features of animals into light.

In May 2011, during the Salon International des Artistes Contemporains, the city of Saint Tropez in France awarded Iwona the first prize in the sculpture category for her creativity. Later the same year, the art magazine Pacart (South of France) devoted to the artist’ a page with an extraordinary article (see the link to the article here)

Since 2011, the artist has been actively participating in various expositions in the EU, including those in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, France and Holland, gaining awards each year for her new works. Iwona exposes permanently in various galleries in Poland and in Denmark.